Comprueba tu vocabulario del examen ILEC


Si estás pensando en sacarte el examen ILEC, deberías empezar por aprender el vocabulario específico para este tipo de examen.

Comprueba tu vocabulario del examen ILEC

A cuántas de estas preguntas puedes responder correctamente?



What documentation do you need to incorporate (or create) a company? Choose 4 correct answers.

A) Memorandum of Association

B) Certificate of Incorporation

C) Articles of Association

D) Form 10

E) Authorised share capital

F) Form 12


What information does a Memorandum of Association contain? Choose 3 correct answers.

A) Name of the company

B)The company’s objects and powers

C) The names of the company’s shareholders

D)The names of the company’s directors

E)The company’s share capital


What kind of shares can a company issue? Choose 2 correct answers.

A) authorised shares

B)ordinary shares

C) vetoed shares

D)preference shares

E) class shares


When can the director of a company be removed? Choose 3 correct answers.

A) when an Ordinary Resolution is passed at a shareholders´ meeting

B) when a Special Resolution is passed at a shareholders´ meeting

C) when shareholders cast 50% of the votes in favour

D) when the director is sent an email with the company logo

E)when the company goes bankrupt


What do the most typical types of injunctions (or court orders) prevent? Chose 3 correct answers.

A) individuals from contacting another person

B) individuals from contacting a lawyer to defend him / her

C) employees from working for a competitor

D)employees from applying for another job

E) employees divulging an employer’s trade-secrets to a competitor





1) A,c,d,f  2) A,b,e 3) B,d 4) A,c,e 5) A,c,e

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