Ejemplo examen writing APTIS general ( B1 y B2)

Conoces el formato de examen de APTIS?

Fyne Formación, academia de idiomas especializada en la preparación del examen APTIS te muestra un ejemplo de examen para que tengas una visión del examen.



What is your favourite color?


What do you do?

Where do you reside?


How do you commute to work?


What is your favorite time of the year?



What do you do to keep fit?


What should we do in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle?


How often do you see a doctor?


Are you happy with the Health care System in your country? Explain.


In what ways can taking physical exercise benefit your health?



In this section, you are in a club chat room talking to another member. The other member will ask you a series of questions. You should answer all three questions to the best of your abilities.
Both tasks should take you approximately 10 mins to complete. You need to answer each question using 30 to 40 words per answer.

You are talking to Monica in the club chat room. Talk to Monica using complete sentences. Use 30-40 words per answer. You have 10 minutes to complete all 3 answers.

M: Hello. I see you’re new to our club. I’ve been a member for nearly a year now. Why did you decide to join? *

M. How do you manage to keep a balanced diet these days? Do you really think it helps prevent heart diseases?

M: I literally don’t get why junk food is considered to be that harmful! I have pizza and hamburgers every other day and I am alive and kicking! What do you think?


You are a member of a Health Club and you receive the following email:

Dear Member,

We are writing to tell you that the next meeting of our health club (nutrition and cardiovascular diseases) has been postponed for 5 months since the venue we were supposed to hold the meeting has closed down.Upon extensive research the next most affordable we could find is located just outside the city centre (one hour by car) with availability on the 15th of May. The deposit that you have already paid will be held and used for the May meeting. Please contact the club secretary if you need to change your plans or would like a refund.

Write an email to a friend expressing your feelings and what you are planning to do. (50 words)

Write an email to the Club secretary. Write about your feelings and what you would like to do. Suggest possible alternatives (120-150 words).

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