Examen APTIS. Aptis Advanced Speaking – Fyne Formación

Aptis ADVANCED Speaking Tests


Te mostramos un ejemplo de las partes 1 y 2 del examen APTIS Advanced (parte Speaking)

Test 1: Part 2

In this part of the test you will be asked 3 questions about an abstract topic. You are given 1 minute to prepare an answer and can take notes. You are expected to talk for 2 minutes.

In what ways are people influenced during their young years?

Do role models have something to say in career path decisions?

How can peer groups influence career choices?


Test 1: Part 3

In this part of the test you need to speak on a topic for one and a half minutes. You will have 1 minute to prepare. After your presentation, you will be asked an additional about the topic and asked to speak for 45 seconds. There is no preparation time for this additional question.



How can it be improved?
Choose 2 for and 2 against arguments and express your point of view.



• Children´s health education should be the responsibility of parents and schools.
• Our personal responsibility is to live a healthy lifestyle
• Doctors should be available for house visits or to give advice over the phone • People rely too much on medicines.
• Hospitals are not friendly places for young children
• There is a lack of good doctors


Si quieres aprender inglés y a saber cómo se hacen los exámenes de APTIS, solicita información en la academia de APTIS Fyne Formación (C/ Alberto Aguilera 50.1D)

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