Más expresiones de tiempo en inglés (II)


Como complemento al post anterior, te proponemos más expresiones de tiempo en inglés (II)

Más expresiones de tiempo en inglés (II)

  • AHEAD OF ONE’S TIME. Be more talented than others recognize.

    – He’s ahead of his time. No one knows how important his discoveries are.

    – She’s always felt that she was ahead of her time, so she isn’t disappointed.


  • AHEAD OF TIME. Before the agreed upon time.

    – I think we’ll get there ahead of time.

    – Wow, we’re ahead of time today. Let’s keep it up!


  • ALL IN GOOD TIME. Within a reasonable amount of time.

    – I’ll get to you all in good time. Please be patient.

    – Her professor kept on saying that she’d be successful, but that it would be all in good time.


  • AT A/THE SET TIME. At an agreed upon time.

    – We’ll meet at the set time.

    – Let’s make sure that we meet at a set time.


  • AT ALL TIMES. Always.

    – Make sure to keep your seat belts on at all times.

    – Students need to pay attention at all times.


  • AT THE APPOINTED TIME. At an agreed upon time.

    – We’ll meet at the appointed time and place.

    – Did you get into the doctor’s office at the appointed time?


  • BEHIND THE TIMES. Not fashionable, not up on current fashions.

    – My Dad is so behind the times!

    – She dresses like it was the 70s she’s behind the times!


  • TO BIDE ONE’S TIME. To wait.

    I’m biding my time until he arrives.

    – She decided to bide her time in a shop.


  • FROM TIME TO TIME. Occasionally.

    – I like playing golf from time to time.

    – Petra speaks with Tom from time to time.


  • HAVE THE TIME OF ONE’S LIFE. Have a fantastic experience.

    – My daughter had the time of her life in Disneyland.

    – Believe me. You’re going to have the time of your life.


  • KEEP TIME. Keep the beat in music.

    – Can you keep time while we practice this piece?

    – He kept time with his foot.


  • LIVE ON BORROWED TIME. Live dangerously.

    – He’s living on borrowed time if he keeps that up!

    – She felt she was living on borrowed time because she smoked.


  • MAKE TIME FOR SOMETHING OR SOMEONE. Create a period of time especially for a thing or person.

    – I need to make some extra time for reading.

    – I’ll make time for you on Saturday.


  • PRESSED FOR TIME. Not have a lot of time to do something.

    – I’m pressed for time today. Hurry up!

    – She couldn’t see me because she was pressed for time.


  • WHEN THE TIME IS RIPE. When it is the proper time.

    – We’ll get there when the time is ripe!

    – Don’t worry you’ll be successful when the time is ripe.


*ripe- fully grown or developed, specifically ready to be harvested and used for food, as grains, vegetables and fruit. (=maduro).


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