Practica nuevo vocabulario TOEIC


El vocabulario del examen TOEIC es la clave para llegar a la puntuación deseada. Práctica nuevo vocabulario con este ejercicio que Fyne Formación ha preparado:


To be honest, the two candidates are so completely different that they really don´t bear…

The small cafe situated near gate 6 is now….free teas or coffees to those waiting for the delayed flight.

Welcome to News Night, and now over to our….who´s covering the fireworks show form Carlton Hill.

We would like to…. our customers that we will be closing an hour earlier than usual due to the holiday weekend.

I need to check al the telephone calls made during the month, so I want to receive a (n)…….bill.

Many big department stores let you open a….. account in order to spread out the costs of items you busy.

You don´t have to pay now as long as you…..the account by the end of the month.

The band´s manager is responsible for makinig financial decisions and…..the account in order.

It is less risky to put your money into a…..account than to invest it on the stock market.

 Comenzamos con nuevos cursos de TOEIC para la oposición de Auxiliar Adminstrativos del Banco de España.





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